• Quartier Des Miracle
    • Glory Axis: Tonle lower Mekong, Tonle upper Mekong, Tonle Bassac, Tonle Sap
    • The axis and curves of Khong river are brought into the design concept altogether to create “Glory Axis”. Glory Axis acts as nourishment of life signifying prosperity and immensity of watercourses, since each axis represents importance of the Khong River, which their characteristics can be seen in floor patterns. Moreover, glory axis generates “Quartier Des Miracle” (An area of Miracle) at the center of the project area. It is an interpretation of miracle of Phnom Penh’s natural resources and geography.

  • Unique Design
    • Modern style with stylish arrangements of glass windows to maximize natural light in your home”.
    • LUXURY is an expression, which enhances your quality of life.
    • RELAXATION is supported by facility areas (for private use) and restaurants on the rooftop (for public use).